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Meet Cooper

Cooper is an impressive example of a Fox Red Labrador with an excellent working pedigree. These photos do not do this dog justice, he needs to be seen in the flesh. Cooper is a muscular dog with the most wonderful temperament and loves to please.

Cooper is proven, is an experienced stud dog and is always gentle with his girls. He produces good size litters.


Health Information

Hip score 4-6=10

Elbow score 0-0

Clear BVA eye test

DNA tested clear for: prcd - PRA

DNA tested clear for: EIC

DNA tested clear for:HNPK

DNA tested clear for: CNM

DNA tested clear for: RD/OSD

DNA tested clear for: Dwarfism/Skeletal Dysplasia

DNA tested clear for: Exon 2

Cooper pedigree1.jpg
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